Monday, August 12, 2013

It's been a while...

It's been FOREVER since I have posted. I thought during the summer I would get better and catch up on everything. But here I sit... only 1 full day away from having students in my classroom and I haven't posted a darn thing! Mykah is almost one and started daycare today. OH how my mommy heart hurts!!! I still sob any time I think about it. I can't figure out what was harder.... going back after maternity leave, or going back now. My vote is now (probably because it is fresh and raw right now) but a lot of it has to do with the fact that he is in actual daycare rather than just being with nana and daddy like he was last year when I went back to work. I know it was going to be a tough transition for him. I have had to go get him from the church nursery every Sunday because they just can't get him to calm down. He is VERY attached. Today when I dropped him off I could hear him screaming as I walked down the hallway to leave daycare. The only thing that stopped me from bursting into tears at that moment was that the almost 3 year old was screaming that he needed to pee at the top of his lungs! About three hours after drop off I called to check on him and could hear him screaming still in the background. That's when I lost it. My poor teacher friend across the hallway from me had to witness the melt down (thank goodness we are like BFF's otherwise she probably would have thought I was a total nut case!!) It was so hard to listen to him screaming while his teacher was telling me that he was having a hard day but that it was normal and that she has been able to sooth him a little bit. I just wanted to leave school and never come back. I know this is good for him, I know he will get use to it, I know that we both need this, but it has been so very hard! With Kayden, I knew he would cry for about 10-15 minutes and then be just fine. He was never as attached to his momma as Mykah is. I know he will get use to each, and each day will get better. I just have to keep my heart from hurting so badly in the process!!

In other news.... Kayden starts preschool next Monday! I am beyond excited for him. I know he will have a rough couple days transitioning into his new school but I am very hopeful that he will LOVE it! We go to open house on Thursday and I just can't wait to meet his teacher and see his room. I'm really excited to see how much he learns. He is already a VERY smart boy and amazes me daily with his knowledge. At almost 3 (even though he has really been doing it since around two years) he can identify all of his letters, no matter what order they are in. He can tell you what letter his name starts with. He can count to 15 without help (he sometimes misses a number or two... he's not as strong in his numbers as he is his letters). He can count up to 30 with help. He can identify most of his numbers 1-10. He knows all of his shapes and colors, and "reads" (has memorized) many of his my favorite children's books. He forms complete sentences, asks WHY about EVERYTHING and remembers anything and everything you tell him. He LOVES music and can sing just about any song you ask him to. His passion is drumming though. If you ask him what he wants for his birthday... it's drums. (Which he is getting..... thank goodness he can't read mommy's blog yet :) )I can't believe how fast this past year as gone. This time last year, we were just wondering when Mykah was going to make his appearance, what he would look like, how he would sleep, and getting ready to enjoy maternity leave. Now we are planning a new school year, going to daycare, going to preschool, and getting ready to turn ONE and THREE. When did this happen??? It's going by so fast and I know it's only going to get faster and faster. In thinking of some goals for this upcoming school year, one was to be out of school by 4 most days and enjoy my family a lot more. I'm struggling hard with how big they are and how little I see them when school is in session so I want to spend as much time with them as I can!

Stay tuned.... birthday letters, pictures, and more will be coming soon!!! (i mean.... hopefully.... MAYBE before christmas but I can't make many promises :) )

Thursday, November 1, 2012


I love this picture too much not to post it to the blog. Especially to look back at when there are going to be those times where they don't love each other this much at times :)

Kayden has been SUCH a good big brother. He is the best of the best. He loves to give Mykah his paci when he is crying, Mykah is the first thing he goes to when he gets home from school, and the cute little way he says his name when he sees him for the first time after being gone is just adorable. He loves holding Mykah and giving him kisses. He tries to give him his stuffed animals and wants him to be able to play with his toys so bad. He loves when I let Mykah lay on the floor and will come and lay down right next to him. Mykah loves hearing Kayden's voice. Many times if Mykah is fussy, he quickly stops if Kayden comes over and talks to him. Kayden absolutely adores Mykah and I hope that love never fades. I know that there will be those times where they fight and don't get along, but I hope they always have this love for each other and a bond that is unbreakable. I love my boys!

Halloween 2012

Since I was home this month on maternity leave, I decided I would make Kayden a Thomas the Train costume. The ones that I could find in the stores were huge and they just weren't very cute so we decided to be crafty. I found a tutorial from Pinterest on how to make one and went from there. I figured he would not keep it on, but surprisingly he was SO excited to wear it and kept it on all night! He loved his choo choo! And I'm glad considering the time I put into it! Mykah was a giraffe like Kayden was for his first Halloween. (Sorry Mykah... I promise this will be the only year you have a hand me down Halloween costume!!) :)

We went over to Nick's parents house first since they live close to us and went trick or treating down their street with cousin Avery!

We then went over to my parents house to see Cinderella (aka Audrey) and a cute little pumpkin (Olivia). Once Paige puts those pictures on facebook I will add some to the blog! Over all Kayden seemed to LOVE halloween. Of course, he wanted to eat each piece of candy when someone gave him some so we had to distract him each time! It was so fun to see him people to really participate and have fun with it this year! Can't wait until there are 2 to do this with!!

2 month stats!

Mykah's 2 months old!
10 pounds 6 ounces
23 inches long

for a comparison- Kayden at 2 months:
10 pounds 12 ounces
22.5 inches long

Mykah had 4 shots and an oral vaccine. Nick had to go with me and I had to leave the room when it was time for shots. I do not do well with the 2 month shots for some reason. I had to leave with Kayden too. There is just something about a little 2 month old getting shots and screaming bloody murder that I just can't handle! He was so pitiful :( We do not give Tylenol before vaccines because studies have shown that giving Tylenol before vaccines and too soon afterwards can cause the vaccine to not work like it is suppose to. Mykah did really well without any Tylenol until about 7:00 that night. We did not have any infants pain reliever so Nick had to go out and get some because Mykah just was screaming and screaming and nothing would console him. About 10 minutes after giving him pain reliever, he fell asleep and slept soundly for 3 hours before it was time for him to eat again. Thankfully, that was the only dose we had to give him and he hasn't had any problems since. I HATE 2 MONTH SHOTS!! :) I can't believe this sweet boy is already 2 months old, and that there are not that many weeks left before I go back to work!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Evan's Orchard

Yay for Fall! Fall is one of my favorite times of year just because of the pumpkin patch! I love going to the pumpkin patch and we will probably go several times because I love it so much! We took the boys the other day and Kayden loved it! He got to play in a big play place, go down the slide, go on a hay ride, feed some animals, and pick out a pumpkin! Such a fun time as family! I can't wait until both boys are old enough to enjoy it!!

Kayden is 2!!!

With all of the craziness of Mykah being born, we thrown in Kayden turning 2! Since Mykah was only about 2 weeks old on Kayden's birthday we decided to wait a couple weeks before we had a big birthday party for him. I couldn't stand waiting that long to celebrate his birthday though so we did some special things on his actual birthday and had a small family party. Nick had to work on Kayden's birthday so we still took him to daycare because I was still not able to do much with taking care of him. Once Nick got off work, we went to the grocery store and bought some cupcakes to take to daycare. We surprised him at daycare with cupcakes and let him stay to eat them with his friends. We then took him from daycare early and came home. Before we left for daycare we blew up a bunch of balloons and left them in the living room. When Kayden got home he freaked out when he saw all the balloons. He kept running through them all and yelling BALLOONS!!! It was so much fun! Then both of our families came over for spaghetti and presents to celebrate his birthday!

The next day we took Kayden to the Explorium. I wasn't as impressed with it as I thought I would be but Kayden loved the bubble room. There was also a big bug area and he spent a lot of time looking at the bugs as well. We then took him to Orange Leaf to enjoy some yummy frozen yogurt!

A couple weeks later we had a big Thomas the Train party for Kayden! We had some kids from church come over as long with some of his cousins. We decorated everything with choo choos and the kids played outside or in the play room. It was a fun time for Kayden and he enjoyed having his friends at his house. I really wanted to make his birthday extra special since he just had to go through this big change of adding a baby brother to his life.

1 month old

Sweet Mykah-
You are one month old and the time is just flying by so fast all ready. You are such a sweet baby and I just want to hold you all day long. You fit right into this family and we all love you so much. You are sleeping a lot right now and you do pretty well during the night. You usually wake up every 3 hours wanting to eat and you only stay awake for about 30 minutes after a feeding. I love your awake time because you just look all around trying to figure out this world and your family.

Your brother, Kayden, loves you so much. He is constantly in your face trying to kiss and hug you. He loves trying to put your paci back in your mouth and he is trying very hard to be gentle with you but sometimes he just gets really excited! He has not had any problems welcoming you into our family and for that I am grateful!

Through this first month, mommy has held you a lot and because of that you don't like lay down under your play mat and just play or to be in your swing. We are working on it though. Mommy just can't get enough of you and wants to hold you all the time before she goes back to work and can't. So I don't really care if you are spoiled or not! :)

I am so glad that God gave us you to add to our family. You are such a sweet boy and I can't wait to see how you grow and change the next couple of months. But just don't do it all too fast. Mommy is really enjoying having a baby again!

I love you sweet boy!
Mommy :)